Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cat fitness program

Cat fitness really can be fun. However, it is important to start any fitness program only when you feel like it. Don't let a few extra pounds intimidate you into becoming more active. The most important aspect of fitness is: when to start the program. The best time is at about 2 a.m. The house is quiet; there are no distractions. The warm-up is critical. Cats are experts at stretching, so this won't be a problem. Start with a few wind sprints, full speed, toenails clicking on the tile or linoleum floors. A few low but loud growls will help you feel charged up.

Now it is time to add some eye-paw coordination work. Find a marble (the big steelies work even better) and roll that down the floor as the sprints continue. See how many times you can ricochet it off the wallboards before it disappears under the fridge. Finally, work on that upper body strength. Climbing is a great exercise. Use draperies, macrame plant hangers, or clothing on hangers. You can even find some carpeting on some basement walls. Backs of chairs work well, too.

Now put it all together. A speed sprint to the end of the hall! A race around the living room! Leap to the back of the rocking chair! Let the rebound launch you to the top of the swinging planter! Rock that baby! Feel those muscles work. Just as the hook pulls loose from the ceiling, dash to the bedroom and dive under the covers. Establish your alibi just in time to hear the crash of the plant to the floor below.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cats with dog, show and window images

Cat dog fight. Uh. Big punch. Seems Dog will be in nock-down after that. Really strong cat.

Cat dog fight

Another picture with cat and dog fighting. This can strenght is byting instead punching. Dog is trying to byte a cat, too but cat is a little faster here. :)

cat and dog fighting

Brrr. Snowing. This gray cat don't mind that. She plays in show. Laying on the sims and plays with the snow.

cat in snow

Another snowing day but this cat is inside the house. She prefere to watch the snow from warm room by the window.

cat by the window

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Funny talking cats

Funny talking cats video

This is the most convincing case of "talking animal" that I've ever seen (excluding videos of parrots). They say old cats tend to do it.

Cat Talking with Translation

Here is what it sounds like if you have your babel fish in your ear translating for you. For those who are wondering, he's saying "Is he gettin' the treats yet? Is he gettin' the treats?" while licking the other kitty. And these cats are actually female.

Two talking cats

Stina and Mossy usually fight instead of communicate, so this was an odd moment. They kept "talking" for about 1 hour, constantly. They are not related in any way, both are females, approximately 10 years of age when this footage was taken. Mossy is the one to the left, which makes Stina the one on the right side. They are both still healthy and vigorous.

Siamese Cat Talking

Siamese Talking cat. Alaska, two year old Lilac point Siamese, being cheeky!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cats on posters and stuff

I are serious cat

serious cat

Looks like Pandora is realy serious cat. Thanks to Brownpau for this cat poster with his Pandora.

Reiki cat

reiki cat

Reiki cat is balancing ur energy. Anomalous4 made that poster photo.

Cats in Space poster

cats in space

A little Photoshop fun starring Women, Fire & Dangerous Things cat, Meat Head and some others artist found on Flickr.

Black hole kitty

Black hole kitty

Funny cat astrophysics. Obviously an extension of Mendenhall's Law of Cat Thermodynamics:
"Heat flows from a warmer to a cooler body, except in the case of a cat, in which case all heat flows to the cat."

In Soviet Russia, cat iz lol

Soviet LOL cat

Lenin and "In Soviet Russia, cat iz LOL you" poster.

Matrix cats poster

Matrix cats poster

Matrix cats poster. Another funny mix made by Women, Fire & Dangerous Things

Ready For The Cat Banquet

Cat Banquet

This poster Kacey created for the What Have You Done To Your Cat Group... Much fun!!! Looks like all is Ready For The Cat Banquet.

Fresh fish advertising

Fresh fish advertising

Another Kacey's bwork. This was created for the What Have You Done To Your Cat Group. Much fun with this one... Fresh fish. No stinkers here. Get yours before he does. Real Cat Food.

Catlock Holmes

Catlock Holmes

Cat Challenge - Catlock Holmes In The Case Of The Runaway Mouse. KaCey and Charlie.