Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cats in Street art

In Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, in 101 Street, you can see street art like advertising for the Osoma store. One of that pictures shows 2 sheeps and a stilyzed cat near them. Here is cat and sheeps street art:

cat and sheeps

Here is another cat in street art. This cat is near the habitrail in Paris, France. Pure brown cat with angel wings.

habitrail cat

Again France. This time - Le Marais, and Rue des guillemites (rue is street). Under the street sign and near the stop traffic sign, someone drow a cat in approximately actual size. The cat is black-white and only cat head was introduced to us :).

Here is a cat made by Croatian artist, Lunar. Lunar likes graffiti and murals and he made this interesting cat on red background.

cat art

New York. In Crosby Street you can see this cat playing with an mouse on the wall. Interesting art, don't you think?

cat and mouse

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mentioning word cat in Catwoman movie

The word "cat" has used many times in The Catwoman movie. Here are all dialogues where word "cat" was mentioned in it.

Hi, Edna Powers?
(off her nod)
I'm Patience Price, I called about adopting a cat?
I saw your flyer at my vet's office


Guess I wouldn't need the cat if...


Nothing... handsome cat. I've never seen one like


Look what the cat dragged in.


No, I -- see, my cat got out

Catwoman - Poster


And the cat came back, the very next day...


The cat came back, they thought she was a goner...


But the cat came back, she just wouldn't stay awaa-


Feles, Latin for cat. Gynos, Greek for female.
I'm a professor of folklore and mythology -- that
is, I used to be, until I was denied tenure. They
said my work was frivolous, but it was an all-male
department, and -- well, it's a long, sordid story


A domestic cat can return to its natural state
effortlessly. But once a cat's gone feral, it can
never be tamed.



Relax a little, learn to live with your inner cat.
Even love her -- she has many admirable qualities
-- integrate her into your life. If you accept the
darker impulses, try to channel them -- maybe
she'll come to be domesticated


I didn't say that! Patience, you made these rules
up yourself -- a cat is a cat 24 hours a day, they
just go hunting at night


A closet, the pantry, something! Please... we have
to keep the cat in tonight.


So this whole time, you've been flirting, buying me
dinner, acting like you were interested -- I was a
suspect? It was just some cat and mouse thing?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

interpretations of cats actions

* Disgust - Lifting and subsequent shaking of a paw or paws. The more paws, the stronger a feeling is indicated; this can sometimes be a four paw affair with each paw being lifted and shaken in turn. This is possibly related to the identical action that's displayed after stepping in water.

* Agitation or Aggression- The swishing or sweeping of the tail in a wide swath, mid-air or against a person means the cat is trying to get your attention. And if the message isn't getting through, the cat may simply leave the room.

* Contentedness - Kneading with the paws on a person or, for example, a favorite blanket or sleeping spot. Young kittens knead their mother's nipples to stimulate the feeding reflex in her so that her milk flows for the kittens to suckle on. Cats may knead for a short or extended period of time, the extended period sometimes interpreted by people as a sign of discomfort or restlessness, but it is more likely the cat is happy. Most cats will demonstrate this for about ten minutes at the longest.

* Relaxation - Sprawling on the side or back and, possibly, rolling about; this may be seen, for example, when a person enters the room or stirs from his seat. The cat may display this at the same time as the person's movement.

* Greeting - A particular sort of vocalization, such as a low meow or chirp, possibly with simultaneous purring.

* Affection - A pressing of the face or top of the head against a person's body, leaving a scent as a marking of territory.

* Submission - Upon being approached, it will fall down on its side, indicating it is not seeking attention but is unwilling to put up a fight.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Top Reasons Why Your Cat dont use Their Litter Box

Top Reasons Why Your Cat Isn’t Using Their Litter Box
By: Mick

Unfortunately, the primary reason that cats are given away or abandoned is because they stop using their litter box. What is worse is that most of the time there is some root problem that is easily solved if the pet owner would take the time to figure out why they are doing this.

Besides physical problems which require instant action from your Vet your feline is probably trying to tell you something in a non-verbal way.

Top reasons your cat may not be using their litter box:

1) Your cat is sick and needs to see the Veterinarian - There are several health reasons your cat is not going in their box and your Vet can make the proper diagnosis and treat your cat as needed. If your cat is ill it is important to get them to the Vet as soon as possible.

2) Sharing the box with other cats – Most cat experts say that there should be one litter box for each cat in a house and some also recommend one extra box.

3) No privacy - Cats need privacy just like we do when going to the bathroom. A litter box with a hood might be an idea worth trying.

4) You started using a new brand of cat litter – Your cat might need some time to adjust to the new litter. The best litter to use is an unscented clumping type.

5) The litter box is hard to enter and exit – Older cats can have trouble getting in and of the box. If your cat is large the box could be too small and should be replaced with a larger one.

6) You have moved the box to a new location – Give your cat some time to adjust to the new spot.

7) The litter box is dirty and needs to be cleaned – Every cat has their own thoughts as to what makes for a clean litter box. Some cats need their box cleaned daily and others are satisfied if you clean it every couple of days. If you have the money you might want to get a self cleaning litter box.

8) The depth of the litter – A cat can get used to a certain depth of litter in their box and when this changes they react by not going in it. You will find that some cats like a shallow layer of litter while others want a deeper layer.

9) Kitty’s food and water are to close to the box – Just like humans, felines don’t like their food and water near their bathroom.

10) Your cat is upset with you – If your cat is mad at you they will go in a place where you are sure not to miss seeing it. In my experience I have seen cats go in bathtubs and right inside the front door for a special welcome home surprise.

Your cat not using their litter box can be resolved and with a little effort and love you will soon have them back in the box. Remember, punishing the cat will not do any good as they cannot make the connection as to why they are being punished.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Useful Advice for Cats: How to Care for your Human

For us cats there are several sweet advantages in having a human as a pet. However, remember you are taking on a big responsibility when you adopt one or more humans. Humans are demanding pets that need daily care and attention.
With responsibility come both advantages and disadvantages. If you adopt a human, you must get used to spending time at home. Your human does not deal well with being left alone - they will get into all sorts of mischief. For example, if you are gone just two or three days you run the risk of seeing posters put up all over the neighborhood. Your human will put out an APB on you ! Often with an embarrassing text that reveals all sorts of personal details - and usually accompanied by an unflattering photo of you - with morning fur and crumpled whiskers. Exactly the kind of thing that attracts ridicule from all the neighbor cats.
So please consider carefully if you are ready for a life with humans. In addition, remember humans generally grow very old, so there is a big chance that you will spend the rest of your life with your human.

Entertaining your Human
The litter box provides a great opportunity for entertaining your human. Naturally there is all the fun your human can have cleaning and scooping out the box. A lot of human time can also be used getting fresh litter - going to the pet store, transporting it home etc. However many humans like new challenges. Utilize your litter box time in the best possible way. Make interesting and artistic renderings of countries or well-known islands. Your human will have lots of fun guessing which one you made. Humans like game shows - so this should be a popular activity. When your human increases in skill, you can also make portraits of family and friends. Start with profile portraits - this will make it easer for your human.

Make it a priority to shed indoors on appropriate surfaces. Fleece is a particularly suitable material to shred on. All you need to do is pass close by your human when he or she is wearing fleece. All cat hair within a radius of 2 feet from the fabric will immediately be transferred to your human. No brushing necessary for several days ! Another good solution is to get access to a filled clothes hamper. Jump in and give all contents a good work over. An extra bonus with this method is that most cat hairs will survive a trip to the washing machine. Your human will be stylishly accessorized with cat hair on all outfits.

Extra Food
All chances for a bit of extra food must and should be taken advantage of. Whenever your human is in the kitchen, you have a prime opportunity of getting an extra snack. When your human is busy at the kitchen counter place yourself in your humans blind angle (just behind the ankle is usually a good spot). And the second your human moves one or both feet you jump back screaming your most heart-wrenching cry. Your human will automatically assume that he/she stepped on you. When your human looks back scared to see what is happening look up at him/her with a painful expression on your face (practice this before hand in front of a mirror). Your human's bad conscience will often result an edible apology.

Grass Etiquette
Before you eat grass, make sure that you are close to a suitable place to throw up. Delicate furniture fabrics, precious carpets, and shoes are all good places. If you choose furniture: aim for the part that has non-removable fabric. When you are getting down to business, make sure you back up a step or two so that you cover the largest area possible. Another technique is to do several items with pauses in-between. Persian carpets will give a good camouflage effect and your little gift will often not be discovered until somebody steps in it.

Preventing your human from wasting valuable time
One of the most important tasks we cats have is to prevent humans from wasting their time. Humans love to spend their time on things with no relevance for cats. For example watching TV, reading, talking on the phone - and many other things that have no entertainment value for us cats what so ever. Many methods are available to prevent human time waste - use your imagination. Some especially effective techniques will be mentioned here.

Watching TV; make sure that you always position yourself between the TV and your human. On the coffee table for example. You can also lie on the TV and let you tail or paws swing down in front of the screen. This method is most effective with small screens where you can cover a large percentage of the screen. It is a bit trickier with a flat screen - and only recommended for the agile kitty. A variation can be used with a computer screen. Flat screens often leave a lot of empty space on the desk - so just get up in front - remind your human of how wonderful you are.
Cleaning; stalk the vacuum cleaner and attack when it passes by. You can also pretend that you want to attack the vacuum cleaner but "accidentally" catch a foot instead.
Garden work; jump repeatedly up-and-down and scatter any leaves that your human has raked together. Attack gardening tools - especially while they are in use. Immediately dig up any newly planted seeds, plants and flowers.

Closed Doors
Under no circumstances accept closed doors that separate you from your human. At all times you have a right to know what your human is doing. If by accident you have been placed on the wrong side of a door you need to make your human aware of this ASAP so he/she can remedy the situation immediately. Loud meows and scratching on the door should be sufficient to get your humans attention. If this is ignored you need to take more drastic measures: Make a sound as if you are going to throw up. All humans in a 50 feet radius can hear this sound. This sound can also be heard through closed doors. The "puke sound" will always result in your human's immediate presence.

Sleeping Time
It is important for us cats to prioritize our sleeping time. The objective is to get as much sleep done as possible while your human is awake. You will then be especially well rested and bushy-tailed at night when it is your job to keep your human awake. There is the classical "play with toes" approach: attack everything that moves under the duvet. You can also reenact highlights from last year's Grand National Steeplechase by repeatedly galloping across the bed. A couple of loud meows will give it an extra exiting dimension for your human

Houseguests require special attention and handling. The following procedures should be followed:
Houseguests that either do not like us or are allergic to us: As soon as they sit down - jump onto their lap.
Noisy children that run after you and/or pull your tail: It is your duty to punish them - it can be necessary to use both claws and teeth. However, be prepared that this can result in noise that is even more annoying and of an even louder decibel level.
Guests that try to get in contact with you by ingratiating themselves and speaking in a sweet voice: Should just be ignored. If they try to approach you, back away 5-6 feet – but never further away than they feel encouraged to try again. With a bit of practice this game can he kept going for hours.

Bad Weather
Even in bad weather, it can be necessary to go outside. The rain and wet ground will result in an unpleasant layer of dirt and mud on your paws. However, this can easily be dried off on certain appropriate indoor spots. Find a light carpet, a duvet cover or nice piece of furniture and walk over it a couple of times. When your paw tracks are almost invisible, your paws are clean and you are ready to go outside again.

Training your Human
Sometimes it can be necessary to discipline even the most well trained human. However, do remember never to hit a human. At the most, mark with a soft paw on the human's arm or hands. Try first to make your human understand what it has done wrong. And most importantly: be patient! The human intellect is relatively limited and it can be difficult for them to understand our wishes and needs.

Even after approximately 5000 years of domestication, the human species still has primitive instincts and it does take time to train your human completely.

Door Training
One of the first things you need to teach your human is to open the front door, the garden door and backdoor when required. This is done by walking up to a door and making an impatient and very loud meow. Make some tripping steps with your back paws obviously indicating that you need to go to the outdoor litter box. When your human has gotten up from the couch and opened the door you decide that you do not really need to go outside right now. Just for appearances, you can stand in the open door and pretend that you are thinking about the situation for a few seconds before you turn around to go inside again. Repeat this procedure several times a day. This will keep your human in good door opening form.

Inspection of the House
A house usually has unlimited possibilities for suitable sleeping spots. Every possibility no matter how theoretical should be investigated and tested. Cardboard boxes, cupboards, drawers, couches and beds are obvious localities, but places such as old slippers (size 11 or higher) open gym bags or kitchen cupboards should not be overlooked.
The house should further be investigated for all possible toys. An old sock can represent several hours of entertainment if you get your claw on a loose end and unravel a couple of miles worth of yarn. You human will love to tidy up after your play.

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Martine Carlsen is owned by two wonderful silver abyssinian cats, Sonny and Cher. She is also a web designer and the proud owner and creator of And as you can tell from her website, cats play a big part in both her life and her work.

Friday, April 06, 2007

cats free screensavers

Two white cats (kittens actualy) in the green field with yellow flowers screensaver.
Outdoor white Cats screensaver

If you love South Florida, the game of hockey, and Panthers, then this NHL screensaver is for you! Flying panther cat screensaver.
Florida Panthers

Tom (cat) and Jerry (mouse) are playing tennis in this screensaver. Who will win? Cat or mouse? Tom or Jerry? Cartoon network screensaver for free.
Tom and Jerry

Kittens in baskets and boxes - tiny felines to win your heart and create mischief across your desktop in our Cats Screensaver. Nice white-black little cats with yellow flowers screensaver.
Cats kittens screensaver

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Black cat wallpapers

There are some nice free black cat wallpapers.

Black Cat wallpaper

Black Cat free wallpaper

From Wikipedia:
Historically, black cats were symbolically associated with witchcraft and evil. In Hebrew and Babylonian folklore, cats are compared to serpents, coiled on a hearth. Originally in Britain and Europe, a black cat crossing one's path was considered good luck; however they were also seen by the church as associated with witches. It was the church, who considered them unholy and pagan, who altered their reputation. The black cat was still usually seen as good luck, however in the USA and parts of Europe which were affected by the witch hunts the association with witches caused them to be considered as bad luck. In places which weren't affected particularly by witch hunts, they retained their status as good luck, and are still considered as such in Japan, Britain and Egypt. However in Romanian culture and most of all in Moldavia historical region, even if this region was never affected by witch hunts or anti-paganism, one of the strongest superstitions, still feared by many people, say that black cats crossing ones path represent bad luck.
Ralph Chaplin created the image of a black cat in a fighting stance, the IWW's symbol of sabotage.
Since the 1880s, the color black has been associated with anarchism. The black cat, in an alert, fighting stance was later adopted as an anarchist symbol. More specifically, the black cat - often called the "sab cat" or "sabo-tabby" is associated with anarcho-syndicalism, a branch of anarchism that focuses on workers' rights. Anarchists, Situationists and Revolutionary Industrial Unionists such as the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) believe that a general strike could be the spark for revolution. (Mainstream unions in the United States of America do not support the general strike.) But it is the spontaneous surprise strike, which invariably occurs without union authorization, that is referred to as the wildcat strike.
In testimony before the court in a 1918 trial of IWW leaders, Ralph Chaplin, who is generally credited with creating the IWW's black cat symbol, stated that the black cat "was commonly used by the boys as representing the idea of sabotage. The idea being to frighten the employer by the mention of the name sabotage, or by putting a black cat somewhere around. You know if you saw a black cat go across your path you would think, if you were superstitious, you are going to have a little bad luck. The idea of sabotage is to use a little black cat on the boss.

Black Cat wallpaper

Black Cat free wallpaper