Friday, May 14, 2010

Cat and chicken pictures

Here are several pictures with cats and chickens. Wonderiing, just looking, annoying each other, in different situations.

cat looking at chickens
Cat looking at those chickens. Wondering or just waiting to jump?

tweet and cat
Tweets and cat hanging out.

black chickens and a cat
A black Frizzle Cochin chickens and cat.

rooster and cat
Big white rooster and a cat preparing for a battle.

poult and a cat
Small chick and a cat, on friendly afternoon.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Children and babies with cats

Who is more confuzing here? It looks like baby is more then cat.
confuzing baby and cat

Little Maria with her cat:
Little Maria with her cat

This cat sleeps more peacefully then a baby:
cat sleeps near the baby

Gili-gili. :) Cat tickles this baby and makes it smile:
cat tickles baby

Little girl and her kitten. Cute:
gitl and kitten

Boy child and cat Zippy are best buds:
boy and cat buddy

Child is sleeping with three cats:
child and 3 cats