Thursday, September 14, 2006

Carol Wilson paintings

Carol Wilson is a leading award winning cat painting artist. In addition to creating paintings of her own design, she has been commissioned by cat lovers, and even dog and bird owners, to immortalize their favorite animals on canvas. She paints in a variety of styles, funny, interesting, and like yuonger say - cool.

"In Cabaret, Sallie is singing, and Lucy is accompanying her on the piano. Sallie likes to sing when I pick her up. I'm not really sure, though, if you can call it singing. Maybe more like an ambulance siren."

Cat had three reasons for resting on top of the aquarium. Two of the reasons were Rose and Bernie, my two goldfish. Fun to watch them.

Cats in their routine situations, like cleaning themselves.

Funny interesting painting. Cat playing tennis.

"Charles was a Persian cat owned by the woman who commissioned this painting as a gift for her husband, an excellent amateur chef. As a result, she asked that I humanize Charles into Chef Charles. I got carried away with the resulting humorous aspects -- the title of the cookbook (Joy of Rodents), the gourmet dishes (which the most finicky cat would appreciate), the cat heads fountain, and just to the left of the flower pot ... the mouse that got away."

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