Friday, October 06, 2006

Cats on movies

In 1998. in "Enemy of The State" movie, "Babe" was cat acting there.
"Bettleheim" was name of cat from 1998. "Dr. Doolittle" movie.
In "Men In Black" , cat actor was Orion.

There was cat appearence in "Mars Attacks", too. That was Muffy.

In Babe movie from 1995. cat was Dutchess.
Even in horror films cats have roles. In Children of The Corn II, cat Elmyra appered.
Miss Kitty was cat in 1992. well knowned film Batman Returns.
Alice In Wonderland, movie from 1988. have cat, too. That was The Cheshire Cat.
Do you remember The Fly, 1986? Dandilo was the cat there.
Figaro acted in Pinocchio, 1984.
Ridley Scott directed famous Alien in 1979. And cat Jones was there.
Jones, cat from Alien

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