Thursday, November 02, 2006

Funny cat signs

werd cat sign
Take care - cat sign
On this bridge, there is a sign with cat and title "Take care". Hmmm. Some dangerous cats around, I suppose. :) Ca is black but don't look like a panther to me. Who knows? Genetics makes wonder these days. LOL

slow - deaf cat
Slow - deaf cat
Sad. Deaf cat is on the road. Maybe. She walks thru the park and sometimes she goes to the road, too. So, if you drive there, pleas slow down and be careful. That cat can see you but can't hear you if she is in front of your car.

subway cat funny sign
Japanese cat sign
I doubt someone can tell for shore what this sign means. Of course, if you know Japanese you can tell, but for us rest, ... It's on Tokyo subway. So, lets guess. Electric cat around? Advertising for electric cats, maybe you want to buy one? Or, if you entering subway with your cat, watch her tail. You don't want doors cut off it. Yeah, that makes sense. And maybe it's for some children TV show with cat main character? Hmmm...

wack cat and fish
Cat and fish sign
Don't feed the cat with fish from this river. They are full of chemicals. ;) Could be that. Or, sign for cats: Don't eat the fish. We take care of them here. But yeah, there is a human hand. And fish in it. So it's probably first solution.

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