Monday, July 02, 2007

Funny cat cars

Look at this gray cat car with tail up in Black Rock Desert in Nevada.

cat car in Nevada

If you're from New York City or just passin' by NYC, maybe you'll have luck to see this unusual cat car driving arround.

New York cat car

cat car smiling

This police officer stopped cat and found Hue in it. Imagine his surprise.

police stoped cat car

Yellow polar cat car. And without few teeth. LOL

yellow cat car

Like it says: this car are 4 cats. Pink only. :)

for cats

Cat car inda house.

inda house


James & Joe said...

Thought you might like to see this cool dancing cat advert, seems right up your street.
have a nice day.

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Louis said...


realy cool
cat good picture

kat said...

That yellow car is actually modeled after nekobus from "my neighbour totoro" a popular film by Hayao Miyazaki...

Anonymous said...

wow!....... wonderful pictures.
the yellor car is super.

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syaznirahim said...

haha nice!

em do u mind we exchange link?


acca said...

I would love it. For what site?