Friday, July 13, 2012

Cat and the fish

We all know cats love fishes. They love to stear and look at them but only thinking to eat a fish. Here are few interestiung and funny situations with cats and fishes.

Cat is looking at the plate full with fishes. Thinking about dinner. Nice chance.

Spike and Angel, cat and fish. Friends? Or enemies?

Boo, the cat is fishing. In fish tank.

Cat at the veterinarian's office is looking longingly at the fish in the fish tank.

Tiny the cat, watching the fish.

Maine Coon cat, named Shadow. Sleeping on the fish tank. Or just pretending, since he discovered the Beta fish inside?

Interesting view (this cat thinking). Photos made by gravyphig, Felinest, floodllama, little miss ladybug, plong and Howard Dickins.


ferdinand hegemur said...

cat say...
please...give me the fish..
ha ha ha...

Yoga Bend said...

lol really funny indeed

Dentist Bend said...

Those 2nd cat is the best! :D