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Top Reasons Why Your Cat dont use Their Litter Box

Top Reasons Why Your Cat Isn’t Using Their Litter Box
By: Mick

Unfortunately, the primary reason that cats are given away or abandoned is because they stop using their litter box. What is worse is that most of the time there is some root problem that is easily solved if the pet owner would take the time to figure out why they are doing this.

Besides physical problems which require instant action from your Vet your feline is probably trying to tell you something in a non-verbal way.

Top reasons your cat may not be using their litter box:

1) Your cat is sick and needs to see the Veterinarian - There are several health reasons your cat is not going in their box and your Vet can make the proper diagnosis and treat your cat as needed. If your cat is ill it is important to get them to the Vet as soon as possible.

2) Sharing the box with other cats – Most cat experts say that there should be one litter box for each cat in a house and some also recommend one extra box.

3) No privacy - Cats need privacy just like we do when going to the bathroom. A litter box with a hood might be an idea worth trying.

4) You started using a new brand of cat litter – Your cat might need some time to adjust to the new litter. The best litter to use is an unscented clumping type.

5) The litter box is hard to enter and exit – Older cats can have trouble getting in and of the box. If your cat is large the box could be too small and should be replaced with a larger one.

6) You have moved the box to a new location – Give your cat some time to adjust to the new spot.

7) The litter box is dirty and needs to be cleaned – Every cat has their own thoughts as to what makes for a clean litter box. Some cats need their box cleaned daily and others are satisfied if you clean it every couple of days. If you have the money you might want to get a self cleaning litter box.

8) The depth of the litter – A cat can get used to a certain depth of litter in their box and when this changes they react by not going in it. You will find that some cats like a shallow layer of litter while others want a deeper layer.

9) Kitty’s food and water are to close to the box – Just like humans, felines don’t like their food and water near their bathroom.

10) Your cat is upset with you – If your cat is mad at you they will go in a place where you are sure not to miss seeing it. In my experience I have seen cats go in bathtubs and right inside the front door for a special welcome home surprise.

Your cat not using their litter box can be resolved and with a little effort and love you will soon have them back in the box. Remember, punishing the cat will not do any good as they cannot make the connection as to why they are being punished.

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