Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cats in Street art

In Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, in 101 Street, you can see street art like advertising for the Osoma store. One of that pictures shows 2 sheeps and a stilyzed cat near them. Here is cat and sheeps street art:

cat and sheeps

Here is another cat in street art. This cat is near the habitrail in Paris, France. Pure brown cat with angel wings.

habitrail cat

Again France. This time - Le Marais, and Rue des guillemites (rue is street). Under the street sign and near the stop traffic sign, someone drow a cat in approximately actual size. The cat is black-white and only cat head was introduced to us :).

Here is a cat made by Croatian artist, Lunar. Lunar likes graffiti and murals and he made this interesting cat on red background.

cat art

New York. In Crosby Street you can see this cat playing with an mouse on the wall. Interesting art, don't you think?

cat and mouse


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